Group Manager

A complete management system for EV Charge Points

The EV Group Manager provides all the functionality needed to manage the operation of your EV charging Network including user Access Control and Authorisation, real time reporting and fault notification.

Designed specifically for the EV Network Controller

Complete control over…

EV Users

  • Access Authorisation
  • Type of Access (e.g. FTU/paid, billing or prepaid)
  • Tariffs
  • Self-administration

EVSE Operations

  • Realtime Reporting
  • Load management
  • Fault notification

EV Payment

  • Billing Management
  • Top-Up
  • PAYG

MANAGING YOUR EV - System Components

01 - PayPad

At the charge point, the PayPad provides access to highly secure applications for authentication, authorisation, payment and control in the EVSE environment. The PayPad uses RFID and is networked via GSM, WiFi or Ethernet enabling interaction via web/mobile apps.

02 - EV: Group Manager

PayPads are networked to the central waveMasta™ EV:Group Manager. The Group Manager is a suite of applications that provide secure handling of data for operations and payment. Each EV Host is allocated a Group Scheme where users are defined and managed according to the EV Host’s preference.

03 - Applications

Integrates local applications and 3rd Party applications via API to provide seamless operation for users and operators.