Pay As You Go

Anyone can use our PAYG service.

Intended as the payment choice for those who prefer to make a single individual card purchases each time they wish to use the EV charging service - rather than on a prepaid “deposit account” basis (Top Up). You can register for a Pay As You Go account by going to our website at

Open payment for easy access

Using our PAYG is easy


Once your car is parked, press the service button on the charge point to reveal the Pay Code

Access Website

The Pay Code has four characters and is identified on the screen. Go to Log in (if the user has registered before) or complete the quick registration process


The code is used to identify the charging session the user is paying for . The user selects PAYG and is prompted for the code. The user also selects the duration of parking/ charging to pay for.


Once the payment is confirmed, the Charge Point will be notified to commence charging and the user will receive a confirmation of payment by email/text.

Register to use our Pay As You Go service

  • We'll send you receipts and notifications for the service we provide.
  • View your EV usage history and any credits or debits made.
  • No need to visit the website for each charge session. Authentication, payment to the EV Host and charges to the credit/debit card registered are all handled automatically within the service.

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