Top Up

Charging is even easier with Top Up

“Top Up” allows for numerous charging sessions without the need for multiple bank contacts.

Benefit from fast and secure payments for EV usage

If you are a user who has been issued with a key fob, you will be able to link your key fob to a Top-up account by going to our website at

Users can enrol in our “Top Up” payment system by creating an account with WaveMAsta, registering the serial number of their charging Fob or card and making an initial deposit of £20 (via Sage pay secure services). Future charging sessions are then deducted from the deposited funds and customers notified to “top up” when their account balance reaches a predeterminated (?) level. You will be able to view and print all your transactions by logging into your account on the website.

Fast and Secure payment for EV Charging use.

Process for Top-Up


Once your car is parked, press the service button on the charge point to initiate the RFID at the screen


When the Fob/card is presented, the Charge Point determines whether the user is valid and whether their account has a positive balance. If valid the charge session will start. The session will continue until the threshold set by the EV Host is reached or until the user stops the charge session


Following completion of the charge session, the system will debit funds from the user’s Top-Up account…


If the account balance falls below zero, a request for further funds from the users credit/debit card will be made and the account will be topped up by £20

Register to use our top up service

  • We'll send you receipts and notifications for the service we provide.
  • View your EV usage history and any credits or debits made.
  • No need to visit the website for each charge session. Authentication, payment to the EV Host and charges to the credit/debit card registered are all handled automatically and securely within the service.

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